Talk: How I Got Started In Visual Communication




The Apple store in Sydney is currently running a series of workshops and events featuring industry professionals who share their tips and tricks on working in the creative industry.

Our Junior Designer, Violetta Chalmieva, was invited to be part of a panel of recent graduates sharing their real-world advice on establishing a career in graphic design. It was an inspiring evening with Violetta encouraging students to find what drives them to work in the discipline of design and use that as a compass to guide them through their career.

Some lessons for us all:

Build your confidence – Do your best. Build rapport with those you look up to. Their encouragement, and the good work you do WILL serve as a foundation for your confidence.

Put yourself out there – For example, enter awards, enter competitions: winning WILL drive your forward and build your self-belief. You will remember the wins. You will not remember not winning, so don’t be afraid.

Immerse yourself in the industry – Try in any way you can to expose yourself to a broad spectrum of work and build your network. Look to get practical and APPLY your learned skills – that’s when you learn the most.

Know your why – On top of believing in yourself, it’s crucial to also believe in this industry and in this profession. Remembering your ‘why’ will also keep you driven and will ultimately lead you to the right place.

Find the right cultural fit – Usually that’s people with the same why as you.

Finally, be good. And keep being good.

Be confident about your dreams – you’re only limited by your imagination. Let your why guide you and it will ultimately bring you to your dreams.


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