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‘How Creativity Saved My Life’

Matt Morgan, senior designer, last week presented to the members of AGDA about how creativity saved his life. The talk was in a Pecha Kutcha format which is rapid and to the point – presentation format of 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, automatic page flip. An impressive turn out came to see a panel including other top industry talent share their views on this a broad topic.

The content was as diverse as inspiring. Morgan says, ‘It’s my second time presenting at an AGDA event. It’s always a privilege to be asked and a request I’d never pass up. The topic was very broad but I wanted to share insights into what has made me a more daring designer. While telling a short story of my career experiences, I added a dollop of nostalgia, compared myself to ‘The Hoff’ and spoke about how we all need to use our instincts, be brave and take more risks; in life as well as just design.’

‘Pecha Kucha’ was the presentation format (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) which kept the audience engaged.

Morgan says, ‘There was a fantastic mix of speakers and I enjoyed watching them all. Howard Parry-Husbands from Pollinate was rather funny, especially when he was challenging market research, but I particularly enjoyed Oliver Maltby’s deconstruction of creativity and his constant search for it’. Overall, an inspiring and worthwhile event.
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Matt’s an Englishman from Reading. He’s been in the creative industry for 10 years, both in London and Sydney. Whilst working on a breadth of brands from the Australian Youth Orchestra to AMP he also likes to collect Nike trainers, drink pretentious craft beer and watch HBO shows.

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