A New Member To Our Family

We are delighted to announce that Landor has acquired innovation agency NorthandSouth to directly address the lack of leadership and vision for innovation in Australia and to take on other innovation agencies in the Asia Pacific region. We completed a recent study showing that 80% of business leaders believe lack of leadership and vision are blocking innovation in the Australian marketplace, Landor believe there is no better time to introduce an end to end innovations capability in this market. The partnership of Landor and NorthandSouth will be a seamless process culminating in commercial advantage and financial success for its clients. The process is designed to go from blank page to fully fledged concepts in as little as 10 weeks. To create bigger and better ideas we use custom tools to gain empathy and insights to test creative hypotheses with real people. “We’re really looking forward to unleashing the tried and trusted NorthandSouth way of doing things to more clients and more ambitious projects whether it be here in Sydney or internationally,” – founding partner Giles Day. Welcome aboard NorthandSouth!

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