‘Design and Happiness’

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The Australian Graphic Design Association recently hosted a talk by Stefan Sagmeister and the Landor design team was front and centre at this sold out event. Landor designer Nicola Ferrry said about the talk,

‘Hearing Stefan Sagmeister talk through his work first hand was a real treat. It was beyond inspiring to see the incredible work that comes out of Sagmeister & Walsh, particularly the scope of media they employ – from the highest of high-tech animations to the most detailed physical installations. 

The talk focused mainly on the studio’s recent design exhibition, The Happy Show, and upcoming documentary, The Happy Film. Sagmeister’s dedication to the pursuit of happiness was fascinating and refreshing. Discussing his one-in-every-seven year haitus to recharge outside of his studio, Sagmeister not only filled the crowd with envy but also inspired us reflect on our own work-life balance and remind us how important it is to make time for the things you love. Getting an insight into the mind of a design hero, his way of working and coping with the pressures and demands of the job, was invaluable. Best of all Sagmeister proved himself to be a true nice guy of design, with a great sense of humour and an enthusiasm that was infectious. An audience full of designers up on their feet and singing their hearts out to a ‘happy song’ was testament to this and easily the highlight of the night. There’s no doubt he left us designers a happier bunch!’ 

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