Landor has collaborated with Oxfam Australia to launch a new campaign focused on drawing attention to gender inequality.

Discrimination and injustice are major causes of poverty worldwide, and women and girls bear the brunt of it in all aspects of their lives. When we talk about inequality, we’re largely talking about women and it’s about time that this was recognised.

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Women globally, particularly in the global south, are disproportionately disadvantaged by poverty and hunger. The truth is: – Around 70% of the 1.3 billion people who live in extreme poverty are women and girls – Women perform 60% of the world’s work and produce 50% of the world’s food, yet earn only 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the world’s property – If we reduce the gender gap, we could reduce the number of hungry people by near 150 million people. Oxfam works in the area of gender justice to ensure that women will have control over their lives and live free from violence through changes in attitudes about gender relations; and through increased involvement and leadership in institutions, decision-making and change processes.

Oxfam Australia’s Design for Change have launched a new design challenge to the creative community, asking them to contribute their creative skills to raise awareness of women in developing countries who are most effected by poverty and food insecurity. The design challenge is rallying designers to create a poster that communicates more needs to be done to support women empowerment and gender justice in international aid and development.


We helped Oxfam talk directly to the design community through the language they understand. The campaign consists of some of the most hard hitting gender inequality stats expressed through the typographic problems a keen designer’s eye can spot. As designers, we observe problems and visualise solutions. Gender inequality is an issue that affects us all, and we need to appreciate that creative skills can be used to help solve this problem by drawing attention to it.

When it #feelswrong, we need to help make it right.


The #feelswrong campaign was launched at The Distillery in Sydney, supported by incredible speakers from the creative industry. Our designer, Nicola Ferry, talked about her experience working with Oxfam and how personally, working on a project directed towards social change has been incredibly rewarding. Our Design Director, Jen Doran, explained the creative process behind the campaign and the value Landor places in donating time to help support such causes. Jen also urged designer’s help make a difference by creating submissions which collectively can ignite a conversation to end gender inequality.

For more information, visit Oxfam Australia’s Design For Change

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