Wake up with Landor July 2015


On July 24th, Landor’s global Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Ordahl presented a sneak peek into our agile brands research. Using the research, we have defined key behaviours of truly agile brands – those that stay authentic and true to who they are whilst continuing to evolve and stay cutting edge.

The full research will be released in September, but for those of you who couldn’t make the presentation, here is a little look at some of what we discovered…

Agile brands are adaptive

Brand managers must let go of the consistency handcuffs, and not let consistency come at the cost of relevancy. Agile brands allow decision making further down in the organisation, with staff and customers able to influence the brand from the bottom up.

Agile brands are principled

To cut through, appear authentic and resonate with consumers, brands must take a strong position. Brands need to be for anyone but not for everyone, and be clear for what they stand for.

Agile brands are open

Customers can be brand managers and product developers, so brands need to ensure they start and continue conversations with consumers. Brands participate in an ongoing honest conversations; they invite others in and they collaborate.

Agile brands are responsible

Good citizenship is intrinsic to a strong brand’s business; to their consumers, community and staff. Brands need to find social initiatives that support their brand promise, and treat their employees like their customers.

Agile brands are global

Everyone’s global. Even small local brands operate in a global context. Brands need to look everywhere for good ideas, and assume nothing.

Agile brands are multichannel

Brands need to consider the entire scope of experience and adapt accordingly. Build a strategy around intent, not channel, and create moments of intimacy with their consumers.

For more information and to be the first in the know when the full results are released in September, send an email to ashling.withers@landor.com

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