Inspiring a new generation of coffee consumers in India.

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Having changed hands for the third time, the Barista brand was losing its way. With younger consumers more knowledgeable and demanding, and more competitors entering the market, Barista was losing relevance with the new generation.

Our research and insights led us to the brand idea of ‘from coffee to creativity’. The new identity’s ‘IS’ is a reflection of a dynamic space that becomes the constant source of inspiration and creativity to the youth of India, making it a space where entrepreneurs and innovators discuss the next big idea, musicians create the perfect melody and artists create their new masterpiece.

Working with our retail partners Incubis, we activated every touch point and made them tools of creativity so Barista becomes the canvas for the youth to interpret as they see fit for themselves – a blank canvas to foster ideas and map their success paths. For example, the menu uses customized type and illustration, tissues have grids and dots to allow customers to sketch and engage. Furniture and fixtures were chosen to be reflective of the creative spirit of the brand. The new Barista is the destination for the perfect brew and an environment that inspires the future movers and shakers of India.

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