The best coffee needs a better milk.

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Using our idea-led innovation process, we worked with a team of baristas and our client to unlock a range of products to access the 3.9 billion cups of coffee being consumed every year in Australia.
The brief was to develop a brand and design that sat comfortably in a café environment and stood for more than big business milks that are prolific in this space. Freedom Foods Group had the ambition to create a range of products that finally catch up to the ever improving coffee space –a product that performs, it stretches, textures and tastes amazing. We were challenged to do the product justice – the concept we had to develop also had to be something that would be accepted by the discerning barista and café owner. The best way to do it was to collaborate and make the gate keepers a true part of the process helping to shape and guide toward the final outcome.

The final result?  Milk Lab – the perfect coffee partner. Full Cream Dairy, Lactose Freee, Soy, Almond and Coconut Milks for any type of coffee.

The product was officially launched at the Sydney Food Festival on the 18th of September 2015. Check it out on Instagram @milklab

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