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What brand means for B2B organisations.

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Large B2B organisations are slow to react to our fast-moving world, and as such, are beginning to lack relevance and connection with their employees, customers and the wider business community. Find out what our study revealed…

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Insuring for the future.

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Life is made of random events, wrong combinations and dealing with the unknown. Why is it that some people fear this whilst others embrace it? It’s down to a mindset. A different way of looking at the world. It’s about being future confident.

IAG’s new strategy and identity needed to convey how the brand helps give everyone a confident future. The organisation’s scale, experience and expertise allows them to lead the market today and understand the opportunities and challenges that tomorrow will bring – allowing their customers, investors and staff to have the confidence to live their lives to the full, knowing they can rely on IAG to be there when they need them. The organisation sees the negative spaces and adapts to the future. They  focus on these negative spaces and connect the dots by giving flexible and intelligent solutions.


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