Dream Big.

Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. The Schools Spectacular unites kids to be a part of the biggest performance of their lives.

The Schools Spectacular is one of the world’s largest showcases of youth talent, bringing together over 6,000 students from across NSW to take part in a breathtaking performance each year.

The event is a huge source of pride to the performers, teachers, staff and volunteers with many coming back year on year to watch or take part. Since its launch in 1984, the brand has grown exponentially in scale and ambition but its identity was campaign-driven and did not reflect the passion and creativity that The Schools Spectacular represents.



Through a collaborative process, we drew out the insights from the core team to define the strategic direction of The Schools Spectacular and define what the brand stands for.

Our final design celebrates the vibrancy and energy of the Schools Spectacular by capturing a collective ‘moment in the spotlight’. We communicate the amazing opportunities that are created by bringing people together for a common goal. It’s about shining bright, together.

Find out more on their website: http://www.schoolsspectacular.com.au/



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