Creating stand out, in-store with Abbott’s Village Bakery.

Landor first worked with Abbott’s Village Bakery in 2009, creating a premium brand that delivered the quality, provenance and authenticity craved by consumers.

Achieving great success and shaking up the category, 4 years later they approached us to help continue the momentum.


The refresh enabled us to convey more clearly the strong positioning of the brand – calling out the great tasting, quality ingredients and naturalness with impressive cut through on shelf.


The brand has set a strong example of the impact design can have on shelf.


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What brand means for B2B organisations.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.42.59 AM.png

Large B2B organisations are slow to react to our fast-moving world, and as such, are beginning to lack relevance and connection with their employees, customers and the wider business community. Find out what our study revealed…

B2B Branding_Why Bother?_Landor Report

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Insuring for the future.

1 IAG_Logo


Life is made of random events, wrong combinations and dealing with the unknown. Why is it that some people fear this whilst others embrace it? It’s down to a mindset. A different way of looking at the world. It’s about being future confident.

IAG’s new strategy and identity needed to convey how the brand helps give everyone a confident future. The organisation’s scale, experience and expertise allows them to lead the market today and understand the opportunities and challenges that tomorrow will bring – allowing their customers, investors and staff to have the confidence to live their lives to the full, knowing they can rely on IAG to be there when they need them. The organisation sees the negative spaces and adapts to the future. They  focus on these negative spaces and connect the dots by giving flexible and intelligent solutions.


2 IAG_Dots

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Exploring new musical dimensions with an unconventional orchestra.


Momentum Ensemble is the Australian Youth Orchestra’s new group made up of Australia’s best young musicians on the cusp of their professional careers. The aim of the group is to democratise classical music by bringing new interpretations and partnerships to audiences beyond the traditional recital hall.

To communicate the AYO’s fresh approach, the Ensemble needed a dynamic and innovative new identity. Much like the musicians – stretching the notes and changing the way people see classical music – Landor designed a brand that would be a continually changing identity, adapting for each performance to reflect the unique content.

Event photography 03

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Launching Landor’s Global Agile Brands Study – Wake up Sydney

This morning Landor Sydney held a Wake Up event with Simon Bell, Executive Director of Strategy SEAP&J launching the results from Landor’s Global Agile brands study, the only report ranking global brands on their agility, the newest indicator of brand strength and financial success.


The six traits that help a brand be agile are identified as principled, adaptive, responsible, multichannel, global, and open. The 10 brands selected exemplify agility by consistently demonstrating these six traits in a range of market behaviours, from product development to advertising to customer interaction. Each brand has mastered all six behaviours, but uses them in different measures, depending on their business, market, and target audiences.


The Global Agile Brand Study process is a result of a multiphase approach, starting with analysis from Landor’s proprietary BrandAsset Valuator (BAV), the world’s largest database of consumer brand perception data, to determine an initial list of brands. High BAV brand strength scores show consistently better financial returns than market average over time, even during periods of financial instability. Landor found that the strongest brands scored high on agility, the balance of two key drivers: leading (being up to date and visionary) and true (being authentic and best in class). Brands that scored high on agility were placed on an initial list of contenders. Qualitative analysis of contenders’ in-market behavior and consumer research with millennials narrowed the list to 10 and determined the six agile behavior traits.

The Top 10 Australian brands are:

  1. Dyson
  2. Samsung
  3. Google
  4. Toyota
  5. BBC
  6. Mastercard
  7. Telstra
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Commonwealth Bank
  10. Domino’s

We also welcomed Andrew Branwhite, ex-Head of Brand at Optus, who talked about the development of the Optus Clever Buoy™ and how the brand is demonstrating the key agile behaviours.


Find out more about the Global Study here :

IMG_0161 1 IMG_0165 2

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Bringing the spice to Marion’s Kitchen.


Marion Grasby is a regular celebrity chef on Australian TV screens following her debut on MasterChef; resulting in audiences embracing her heartfelt passion for cooking.

In 2010 Marion launched ‘Marion’s Kitchen’ – an original food range of her well-loved Asian recipes. Since launch, the brand has thrived in some of Australia’s most demanding environments, Woolworth’s and Coles.

It was time to build on that success, expanding the brand’s product portfolio to a global footprint, with focus on the UK and US. This marked a huge opportunity for Marion’s Kitchen to leverage the strengths and introduce Marion to a new market.

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